School / Group Tours

Would you like to encourage children to learn more about the outdoors in a fun and relaxing way?

For nearly 40 years, Mr. Rich has been entertaining and educating children in the friendly forest environment of Gnome Countryside, encouraging a love of nature that lasts a lifetime.

Our guided nature tour is perfect for a variety of group outings and field trips including:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Scout Troops
  • Summer Camps
  • Environmental Education Centers
  • Garden Clubs
  • and many more...

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Add it to your program as a fun outing or use the tour to enhance your education programs. Our guided tour covers many popular subject areas such as Zoology, Geology, Native Plant Identification, Environmental Education, Music, Singing, and more!


Groups of less than 20 - $10 / person

Groups of more than 20 - $6 for children, $8 for adults

* Rates discounted for groups of 21 or more!

We can accommodate a maximum of 60 participants at one time on our guided tours.

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Guided Nature Tour Details

It is said that children like two things: making noise and moving around. Mr. Rich incorporates these two concepts and many others into his unique, hands-on approach to environmental education. Your guided nature tour will last approximately 3 hours, depending on group size. Children 5 and over enjoy our tours the most!

The Gnomery

Your adventure begins in a cozy room known as "the Gnomery" where stories, songs and little "gnome" facts are shared by Mr. Rich Humphreys, commonly referred to as "the Gnomeman". Here environmental awareness and appreciation begins with an introduction to Pennsylvania flora, the habitats and habits of local prey and predators and an emphasis on the importance of wilderness to human beings.

Hiking Trail

The tour continues with a walk along carefully created wooded trails where participants are encouraged to use all five senses to discover the beauty and enchantment of the forest. In this typical Pennsylvania deciduous woodland, children will experience the beauty and wonder of nature at its best, while learning about many indigenous animal and plant species along the way and develop listening skills.


Time at the playground, a favorite for many, includes materials for building gnome habitats, stacking rocks or building Cairns. A monkey bridge and giant's balance beam nestle within the rocks and trees that Mr. Rich will point out.

Labyrinth of Gratitude

Just a stone's throw from the playground lies the Labyrinth of Gratitude, a specially built, meditation walkway for considering and appreciating what the Earth and its inhabitants give to each of us and what we might give in return.

Shadows of Litter

Following an enjoyable time at the playground, groups are led down into the Valley of the Shadows of Litter. Litter brings sadness to the little people and should to us.

Gnome Gniagra

After returning to the light and beauty of the trail, the hike continues out of the valley, walking by the beautiful Gnome Gniagra and back to the gathering circle benches. This is a place to consider the suggestions of the talking rocks, which include "Create", "Laugh", "Dream", "Wonder", "Hope", and "Love".

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