About Us

Gnome Countryside is a breathtaking paradise and gnome biome nestled in the rolling hills of Amish farmland in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The mistique of this land stretches far back into the late 1700's.

It took the artistry and vision of Richard Humphreys to gently shape, sculpt, and draw out the natural wonders and unique beauty hidden in the hillsides and vallies to create what is now known as Gnome Countryside.

Our Mission

We hope visitors will leave Gnome Countryside loving the forest environment (trees, plants, birds, animals, water, earth, creation, spiders & snakes, air, etc.) because we feel if we LOVE something we'll want to take care of it and we will realize the divine.

We hope our visitors will return home and honor this spirit in their daily lives and home environment.

After teaching school in Alaska for 12 years, Mr. Rich had to give up his vocation after nearly losing his eye sight because of diabetic retinopathy. Due to tens of thousands of laser burns, his vision was restored, but he needed to be able to monitor his blood sugars more closely and get more exercise. Gnome Countryside was the answer!

The property was overgrown and in need of a lot of renovation, but Rich saw the potential of the property right away and got straight to work.

He visualized a place where he could promote and protect the two things he felt most important to future generations: stewardship of the environment and a sense of community in the outdoors.

Woven into these possibilities was a third enchanting element, of little people, the gnomes. Rich became enchanted with the stories of the little people he heard while visiting Denmark many years ago and now honors the legends of the gnomes on his guided nature tours.

Guided tours at Gnome Countryside are available from April through October for both individuals and groups. Tours can be scheduled with Mr. Rich by calling (717) 786-4928. [ PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Rich is now experiencing vision loss from very aggressive macular-degeneration and has difficulty with computers, please contact him by phone. Thank you! ]